Feasibility Study of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage for Ramea: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System

Iqbal, Tariq (2009) Feasibility Study of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage for Ramea: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System. Project Report. The Harris Centre.

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Ramea is a small island in southern Newfoundland. Since 2004, it has a wind-diesel hybrid power system to provide power for approximately 600 inhabitants. The average wind energy contribution to the total supplied load is less than 10%. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro with the support of ACOA has upgraded the Ramea hybrid power system. They have added three more 100kW wind turbines and a hydrogen energy storage system. The new system is still under construction and it is expected to be fully operational by fall 2010. In a hydrogen energy storage system, excess wind generated electricity is converted to hydrogen using a 70% efficient electrolyzer. The hydrogen produced is compressed and stored in tanks. Compressed hydrogen is used to run a less than 35% efficient hydrogen engine as needed. It is expected that overall conversion efficiency of the energy storage system will be less than 25%. For a remote location like Ramea where there are few hills with a height above 60m a pumped hydro energy storage is possible. The overall efficiency of a pumped hydro energy storage system is typically above 70%. In this research we present a study of a pumped hydro long-term energy storage system for Ramea winddiesel system. We determined optimal energy storage requirements for the Ramea hybrid power system, identified a site that can be used for pumped hydro energy storage and calculated the required storage capacity. We present a detailed analysis and dynamic simulation of the proposed wind diesel pumped hydro system. Sizing of a pumped hydro system indicates that a 150kW pumped hydro storage system at Ramea can achieve a renewable energy fraction to 37%. Such a system will need a 3932m3 water reservoir at a height of 63m (on top of Man of War Hill) and it will provide 150kW for 3.14 hours. Dynamic system simulations indicate acceptable power quality after an addition of a pumped hydro storage system. We think a pumped hydro energy storage system for Ramea is a much better choice than a hydrogen energy storage system. Such a system will have a higher overall efficiency and could be maintained using local technical expertise, therefore a more appropriate technology for Ramea.

Item Type: Report (Project Report)
URI: http://research.library.mun.ca/id/eprint/207
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Keywords: Electric power generation, Hybrid power, Pumped hydro energy system
Department(s): Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of
Divisions > The Harris Centre
Date: 2009
Date Type: Publication
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