cis-Dichlorido(3,6,9-trithiabicyclo-[9.3.1]pentadecane-j2S3,S6)- palladium(II) acetonitrile 0.8-solvate

Dawe, Louise N. and Penney, Lisa and Black, Daniel A. and Miller, David O. and Lucas, C. Robert (2013) cis-Dichlorido(3,6,9-trithiabicyclo-[9.3.1]pentadecane-j2S3,S6)- palladium(II) acetonitrile 0.8-solvate. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, C69 (7). pp. 727-729. ISSN 0108-2701

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In the title complex, [PdCl2(C12H22S3)]·0.8CH3CN, a potentially tridentate thioether ligand coordinates in a cis-bidentate manner to yield a square-planar environment for the PdII cation [mean deviation of the Pd from the Cl2S2 plane = 0.0406 (7) Å]. Each square-planar entity packs in an inverse face-to-face manner, giving pairs with plane-to-plane separations of 3.6225 (12) Å off-set by 1.1263 (19) Å, with a PdPd separation of 3.8551 (8) Å. A partial acetonitrile solvent molecule is present. The occupancy of this molecule was allowed to refine, and converged to 0.794 (10). The synthesis of the previously unreported 3,6,9-trithiabicyclo[9.3.1]pentadecane ligand is also outlined.

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Date: July 2013
Date Type: Publication
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