Remote control and monitoring of a solar water pumping system using cellular network for Sukkur Pakistan

Ahmed, Omair (2023) Remote control and monitoring of a solar water pumping system using cellular network for Sukkur Pakistan. Masters thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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In an era marked by increasing global concerns about sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources, the demand for efficient water management systems has taken center stage. This demand is particularly pronounced in regions like Sukkur, Pakistan, where access to surface water is limited, and the need for innovative irrigation solutions is paramount. Addressing this critical challenge head-on, this thesis presents a groundbreaking approach to the design and implementation of a renewable energy-driven water pumping system. At its core, this research seeks to confront environmental issues, drive cost-effectiveness, and promote sustainability by seamlessly integrating solar energy with cutting-edge technological advancements. In the context of Sukkur's unique landscape, this system harnesses the power of photovoltaic energy, augmented by energy storage capabilities in batteries. This symbiotic relationship between solar power and energy storage ensures uninterrupted operation of a submersible AC pump, thus guaranteeing the efficient and sustainable delivery of water—an essential component in meeting Sukkur's irrigation needs. One of the standout features of this research is the development of an integrated microcontroller-based system. This system enables real-time monitoring and the logging of critical operational parameters such as solar irradiance, water levels, and pump status. The inclusion of a GSM module takes system functionality to the next level by providing immediate visibility into the system's status and allowing for remote control. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures convenience for end-users, who can now manage the system from afar. Moreover, this research leverages sophisticated data analysis software and custom-built applications to create user-friendly interfaces for data visualization. These interfaces empower users with comprehensive insights into system performance, making it easier to make informed decisions and optimize system operation. Highlighting quantitative results and economic benefits underscores the practical implications of the proposed system. By quantifying the impact in terms of energy savings, cost reductions, and environmental benefits, this work reinforces the significance of adopting such innovative approaches. Furthermore, this research contributes not only to the immediate challenge of sustainable water pumping in Sukkur but also sets a precedent for the broader utilization of renewable energy resources in addressing critical irrigation needs worldwide. It serves as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and technology in shaping a more sustainable and resource-conscious future. As the global community grapples with the urgent need to balance economic development with environmental preservation, this thesis stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating how cutting-edge solutions can lead us toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Keywords: solar energy, renewable energy, solar water pumping, remote control
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Date: October 2023
Date Type: Submission
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Library of Congress Subject Heading: Solar energy--Pakistan--Sukkur; Water-supply--Pakistan--Sukkur; Irrigation--Pakistan--Sukkur--Automation; Pumping machinery--Pakistan--Sukkur; Remote control--Pakistan--Sukkur; Wireless communication systems--Pakistan--Sukkur

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