Post-Modernism And The Recovery Of The Philosophical Tradition

Jackson, F.L. (1996) Post-Modernism And The Recovery Of The Philosophical Tradition. Animus, 1. pp. 3-28. ISSN 1209-0689

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Post-modernist thought represents the latest skeptical turn in a revolution going back to the overthrow of speculative thought in and after Hegel's time, whose principal phases are traced from its dogmatic origins in 19c scientism and absolutism, through the 20c. schools of meta-philosophy, to the explicitly post-philosophical positions of Derrida, Rorty and others who would finally abandon or suspend all engagement with the tradition of philosophical reason. The progress toward this denouement has brought with it progressive distortion of the understanding of classical philosophical arguments on their own terms, an understanding which now needs to be recovered from a standpoint that takes account of the legacy of the ultra-philosophical critique but now knows it as itself limited.

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Date: 23 December 1996
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