All-Range Black Spruce Picea-Mariana Provenance Study in Newfoundland: Performance and Genotypic Stability of Provenances

Khalil, M.A.K. (1984) All-Range Black Spruce Picea-Mariana Provenance Study in Newfoundland: Performance and Genotypic Stability of Provenances. Silvae Genetica, 33 (2-3). pp. 63-71. ISSN 0037-5349

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The paper presents ten year results of a three-location all range black spruce provenance study in Newfoundland, conducted in six-replicated triple lattice design experiments. The data, collected in 1980 on 1979 and 1980 heights, 1980 diameter at 0.3 m, height growth in the 1974-80 period and in 1980 were analysed with analyses of variance by and over locations, BoNFERRONI t-tests, step-wise regression analyses and evaluation of the provenances for productive quality and genotypic stability, using height growth in the 1974-80 period as the criterion. Lattice design proved significantly effective in removing intra-replication variation and in improving efficiency compared with the randomized complete block design. High intra-provenance variation was noticed, indicating heterogeneity of the provenances and the possibility of obtaining enhanced genetic gains by intensive family selec­ tions within superior provenances. Most of the provenances in the fourth quartile belong to the region between latitudes.45°-49' 6 N and longitudes 60°-84° W. Variation in the performance of provenances among locations was detected in arrays and confirmed and quantified by analyses of variance over locations. Initial height growth in nursery, six-year growth in field and total growth are significantly correlated with each other. Superior provenances have relatively low genotypic stabi­ lity, which appears to be due to their high heterozygosity. Eight promising provenances have been tentatively iden­ tified by a combined evaluation of the productive quality and genotypic stability of all provenances. These are: MS. 1531, S.6905, MS. 1528, MS. 1533, S.6927, 370, S.6911 and 353.

Item Type: Article
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Keywords: Black spruce, Picea mariana, Provenance experiments, Productive quality, Genotypic stability
Department(s): Memorial University Affiliates > Canadian Forest Service
Date: 1984
Date Type: Publication
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