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Blackwood, Stephen (2020) Expressivism, self-knowledge, and rational agency. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 7. ISSN 2662-9992

Cameron, Blaise (2017) Student Independent Projects Humanities 2017:Ideology in Paul Feyerabend's Philosophy of Science. Research Report. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. (Unpublished)

Eisner, Anthony J. (2017) Student Independent Projects Historical Studies 2017: Human Freedom: Existential Philosophy in Video Games. Research Report. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. (Unpublished)

Peddle, David (2001) The Concept of Child Development in Book I of Augustine's Confessions. Animus, 6. pp. 50-61. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (2004) The Construction Of The Secular In Rawls And Hegel: Religion, Philosophy And Public Reason. Animus, 9. pp. 131-147. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (2000) Hegel's Political Ideal: Civil Society, History And Sittlichkeit. Animus, 5. pp. 113-143. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (2010) Incipit Parodia/Incipit Tragoedia: A Commentary On Part One Of Also Sorach Zarathurstra. Animus, 14. pp. 79-93. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (2008) Intimations of Modernity: Freedom and Equality in Calvin’s Institutes. Animus, 12. pp. 3-14. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (1997) Liberalism, Republicanism And The Spirit Of American Politics: A Critique Of Sandel. Animus, 2. pp. 166-188. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David (1998) Puritanism, Enlightenment And The U.S. Constitution. Animus, 3. pp. 125-144. ISSN 1209-0689

Peddle, David and Robertson, Neil G. (2002) Lamentation And Speculation: George Grant, James Doull And The Possibility Of Canada. Animus, 7. pp. 94-123. ISSN 1209-0689

Wills, Bernard (1999) Ancient Scepticism And The Contra Academicos Of St. Augustine. Animus, 4. pp. 108-123. ISSN 1209-0689

Wills, Bernard (2010) The Case Of Nietzsche: A Wagnerian Riposte. Animus, 14. pp. 30-42. ISSN 1209-0689

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